Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body. - Richard Steele

Reading is such a powerful thing that can transform our thoughts and can fuel development. Books open our mind and strengthen its well being. The best cinema in the world is the brain and to know it, read a good book.

A person can fetch a lot from reading. Reading is ideally one of the best exercises for our minds. Just like - for a healthy body, one needs proper nutrition and a balanced diet, good reading is important for a healthy mind. Reading is a good source of rejuvenation for our minds.

Below are some of the amazing benefits that reading can give us.

1. Helps in building focus and concentration

We are living in the world of social media where a plethora of information can be found online. But one thing which we lack here is the focus. We simply waste most of our time surfing, chatting, shopping, unnecessary videos, etc.

Normally we look for 5% useful things and end up wasting our time in 95% unnecessary stuff. And all this is because the online world is so tempting and once you get into it, it drags you deep inside.

And Here reading comes to our rescue. Reading books is one of the constructive habits which improves our concentration power and focus. It compels us to live in the moment and concentrate without any intermediate distraction.

2. Improves vocabulary, language command, and communication skills

Reading adds depth to our knowledge base. Reading improves vocabulary. Whenever we read a new word, we try to find its meaning and keep it in mind for later use. Word used in different contexts gives a better understanding of its usage.

Reading helps to strengthen our command over