Why celebration is important for kids?

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. - Oprah Winfrey

Celebrations are part of life and this celebration gives life to our lives. It’s not just a festive thing to do, it's a way to take a pause, cherish and reaffirm the things that we value in our lives.

It shows how much we care about our families when we celebrate their birthdays or any special day; we underline how important our relationships are when we celebrate anniversaries, and when we celebrate holidays and other significant days we celebrate those little joys and things we are blessed with. And as parents, we teach and demonstrate to our children, where our values lie.

Celebrations are in fact a brilliant and joyful way to teach our children what we believe in. And these celebrations become more effective when we include nature and outdoor play into our celebrations, it will depict the importance of the natural world in our lives and our connection with it. And these little things will become memories to cherish for.

Celebrations spark joy, and joy facilitates learning. Celebrations include sweet pleasures like food, music, games and fun, and it brings a feeling of togetherness . These celebrations becomes more memorable and meaningful when each one in the family contributes his/her part. Results doesn’t matter here, but efforts do.

And when nature and play are involved, our children engage more in the rituals and celebrations.

But these celebrations need not be reserved for some big occasions. The greatest lessons in life are learned through what is repeatedly emphasised in our lives. A collection of thousands of small celebrations builds the habit to celebrate and in turn hard codes virtues and values that help our children develop the way they see and experience their worlds.

There have been many kinds of research that support the benefits of incorporating gratitude practice into a child’s life, as well as our own lives. When we allow ourselves to celebrate the flowers coming into bloom, the sun shining on our gardens, or even the first snowfall, we are essentially expressing how grateful we are for the wonders found in nature. And we’re passing that gratitude practice on to our children. This simple gratitude practice can make a big change.

There are many other benefits of making the celebrations, a regular part of our and our children’s lives.

Below are some benefits to count:

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