We find some people who can manage their emotions very well. They have incredible control over their emotions and can handle even stressful situations peacefully.

They patiently look at a problem and calmly find a solution. They're excellent decision-makers, and they know when to trust their intuition. They never take criticism negatively, and they know when to use it to improve their performance.

What is the way to be emotionally strong in life? | How do you become strong as a person? | What is the way to be emotionally strong in life?
What is the way to be emotionally strong in life?

These people have a high degree of emotional intelligence. They know themselves very well, and also able to fulfill the emotional needs of others. Emotional intelligence is incredibly required for a happy and successful life. Emotional Intelligence(otherwise knows as emotional Quotient) is all about managing own emotions in positive ways to communicate effectively, relieving stress at the workplace or in personal space, overcoming challenges, and defuse conflicts. Emotional Intelligence helps build strong relationships, succeed in life, and achieve your goals in life.

A Practical Example:

In a company, Leadership plays an important role, and no doubt that a good leader can lead to more productive work and a better working environment. And the key characteristic to be a good leader is to have high emotional intelligence. No company can grow with a ruthless leader, rather humanity conscious leaders are preferably a valuable asset to the company.

what are the 5 characteristics of emotional intelligence?
How do I become emotionally strong & intelligent?

A leader could be the most intelligent person in the room, but without a high EI score, this leader may fail to motivate employees. The presence of positive mood in leaders at work creates more effective and broader thought processes. Conversely, negative moods foster improved systematic information processing.

A leader with high emotional intelligence can navigate not just motivating and empowering employees, but also navigating complex and challenging decision making with the mastery of emotional response.