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Parenting is a challenging, exciting, and also the most terrifying experience of our life.

You often embark on this new adventure with great hopes and expectations about what life will be like when you raise your child.

Parenting is a journey defined by the many adjustments you must make as you learn to understand and fulfill your role as a parent and meet your children’s needs as they grow, develop, and change. 

Becoming a parent for the first time is life-altering. But how much your life get alters, this you would only know when you actually go through this experience. And once you get to know, you can't move back, even if you want to.

Children are educated by what the grown-up is and not by his talk. –Carl Jung

So if you are new in this rollercoaster ride, welcome to the most adventurous ride of your life with me Renu Rawat.

Here are some of the things that only new parents will truly understand.

1. Bonding and Attachment

best pregnancy books for first time parents, First time parents checklist: Bonding
First time parents checklist: Bonding

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Bonding and attachment are about always responding to your baby's needs with love, warmth, and care. Doing this, you become a special and trusted person in your baby’s life.

Bonding is a vital part of a baby's development. Bonding between parents and babies can be formed by simple gestures like cuddling, smiling, gazing, singing, reading, and talking. I guess babies get that bonding with their mothers quite naturally but the father has to do a little more effort here to form that connection with the baby.

Get yourself involved in every activity of your baby and eventually, you will become your baby's favorite.

2. Washing and Sanitizing your hands before holding the baby

first time parent books - BECOMING A PARENT FOR THE FIRST TIME
Washing and Sanitizing your hands before holding the baby

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As babies are at the highest risk of infection due to a weak immune system, always take care of hygiene. Also, Make sure that everyone who handles your baby has clean hands.

Wash or sanitize your hands every time when you hold your baby.

3. Head and Neck Support

best books for first time parents - BECOMING A PARENT FOR THE FIRST TIME
Head support

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Support the head and neck of your baby whenever you lift him up, hold him, and carry him, this is to stabilize his entire body. Newborns have wobbly head and neck and need to be treated gently.

The fragility of babies is so intimidating that most of the parents initially get very conscious while holding their babies. But there is nothing to worry about, just be a little careful.

4. Baby Bath and Massage

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Baby bath and message

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Give sponge bath to your baby until the umbilical cord falls off and the navel heals completely which takes time around 1 to 4 weeks. After that, you can give a regular bath using lukewarm water but yes, be gentle as babies are so fragile and delicate. After the bath, gently dry your baby using a soft towel or cloth and keep the skin moisturized.

Body massages are a great way to bring you and your little one closer. Trust and communication development as you interact with your baby. Your gentle touch will make your baby feel loved and cared for and will generate good hormones.

Massages may also help ease muscular tension, growing pains, and teething discomforts, as well as stimulate growth. The baby will also feel relaxed during a massage. This also helps to improve sleep.

5. Swaddling

1st time parents

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A technique to wrap your baby using some soft cloth that soothes your baby.

Proper swaddling keeps a baby's arms close to the body while allowing for some movement of the legs. Not only does swaddling keep a baby warm, but it seems to give most newborns a sense of security and comfort.

Swaddling also may help limit the startle reflex (sudden movement of the body during Sleeping), which can wake a baby.

6. Diapering