A quarter of life is already behind you, once you turn 25. By this age most of the people would have completed their studies, would have taken a job, would have been in love and a few would have been married too.

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Things you should know before turning 25

Turning 25 is actually a milestone. It's a time for reflection, for self-assessment, and settling down. Though it's not a general rule with my experience, I am trying to put down some of the key things one should consider before turning 25.

These things can really affect your quality of living in your future ahead and can help you to live a happy and peaceful life.

1. Understand your responsibility

By 25, you are mature enough to be a responsible person. Sensibility and maturity are expected at this age. You should understand your role, as a person, friend, family member, or citizen of your nation. Should be well aware of your rights and duties as a citizen and as well as a human being.

2. Follow your inclination

Each one of us has one or more inclination or interest. It can be anything like singing, reading, writing, painting, playing, cooking, etc. Maybe your inclination can become your passion and when you follow your passion, you are unstoppable. Just bragging is not enough, if you have the zeal, do it and conquer it.

3. Understand that health