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A quarter of life is already behind you, once you turn 25. By this age most of the people would have completed their studies, would have taken a job, would have been in love and a few would have been married too.

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Things you should know before turning 25

Turning 25 is actually a milestone. It's a time for reflection, for self-assessment, and settling down. Though it's not a general rule with my experience, I am trying to put down some of the key things one should consider before turning 25.

These things can really affect your quality of living in your future ahead and can help you to live a happy and peaceful life.

1. Understand your responsibility

By 25, you are mature enough to be a responsible person. Sensibility and maturity are expected at this age. You should understand your role, as a person, friend, family member, or citizen of your nation. Should be well aware of your rights and duties as a citizen and as well as a human being.

2. Follow your inclination

Each one of us has one or more inclination or interest. It can be anything like singing, reading, writing, painting, playing, cooking, etc. Maybe your inclination can become your passion and when you follow your passion, you are unstoppable. Just bragging is not enough, if you have the zeal, do it and conquer it.

3. Understand that health is a priority

Avoid keeping your health in the back seat. You are mature enough and you know what is good or bad for your health. You are the one who is responsible for your health. So start considering your health on a priority.

If possible, buy yourself a health insurance plan. The benefits of buying a health insurance plan at an early age are:

  • At a younger age the insurance EMI would be less and also you would be free from financial issues due to some health problems.

  • You will no longer dependent on your parents for your health issues. And this will lighten their burden a bit.

4. Travel whenever you get the chance

Traveling gives you exposure. Now here, I am not necessarily saying that you travel to some far off place or to go on vacation. You can travel to any nearby place which you haven't explored yet. It's time to learn and experience different aspects of life.

Most of the people at this time would be starting their career and would be free from family responsibilities, so you can better utilize this time to explore uninterruptedly.

5. Learn to manage your money

Managing money is important and by this age, you should definitely know about

  • Saving account

  • Banking rules

  • should start maintaining an emergency fund

And you should be well aware of the fact is that managing money is very important and it will definitely impact your quality of living. Also, try to buy a term insurance plan especially if you have a dependency in the present or in the future. Remember that earning money is not enough, in fact, what is more, important is to manage it. Very rightly said by Francis Bacon, "Money is a great servant but a bad master".

So start controlling your money before it controls you. I wrote an article on this, give it a read.

6. You should know how to cook

Eating is necessary for sustainability. At the age of 25, you should not be dependent on your mother or any other elder for cooking and handling your needs. You are grown up and should be able to cook and look after yourself. Even if someone is doing this for you, you should not take it for granted and should learn this basic life skill for yourself.

7. Learn new skills

This is the time you can make maximum use to upgrade your skills. You have plenty of time and zillions of ideas. And you are also free from regular family responsibilities, so this is the best time to use your skills. You can take any course, learn new things, and can definitely improve your performance in the near future.

You have many things to learn like:

  • If you do not know driving, go for driving classes.

  • If you want to excel in yoga, go for yoga classes.

  • If you want to improve your communication skills, go and devote time to improving your language skills.

  • If you want to learn self-styling, makeup, etc, give some time to try your hand on these skills.

  • If you want to learn an additional language, don't think and just go for it.

And many more things.

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