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With the advent of Pandemic in 2020, there has been a rapid increase in side hustles, entrepreneurship, and starting your own business. Side hustles are one of the best ways of making money apart from the regular job you are having. And after putting both your time and effort you can easily turn your side hustle into a full-fledged lucrative business. IdeaOnce is an online graphic designing platform that makes your designing work super easy and interactive.

In recent times, social media has become an important part of our lives. And because of this, social media content creation has been converted to a vast business. Designers for various social media platforms are emerging like never before. But not all the designers and creators are professional and there is not even a need to do any additional professional class for the same when you have so many easy and amazing online graphic designing platforms available.

One such tool which I recently came across is – IdeaOnce. It is one of the newest online graphic designing platforms which makes your designing work super easy and interactive. This tool is much like Canva, Crello, Pixlied, etc. But it has some amazing new features in addition which makes it stand out.

In this article, I’ll be talking about the pros and cons of this tool, after I have used it for few weeks. I am giving my honest feedback and also elaborating how it is different from other similar tools.

Interface/ Dashboard

The interface of IdeaOnce is simple and elegant. Without any hustle bustle, you can start designing. All the features are clearly and neatly displayed and also the colors and theme used are pleasing and soothing to the eyes.

Design Editor

Coming the strongest part of IdeaOnce, its design editor. It is very handy to use with drag and drop and there is a lot more you can do here.

One can also upload the additional file and then use it here. Also, you can mark any image or illustration as your favorite and then use it whenever you need it again without any pain of searching it again.


IdeaOnce has a huge accumulation of templates in various design formats, which are used in different social media platforms.

All these templates are new and fresh which does not gives you the feeling of repetitiveness.

Out of this huge library of templates, you can select the one you need and then edit it as per your use. It is quite an easy tool for all those who regularly need to post their content on social media.


Now, you don’t need to search for stock photos from external sources. You can find so many different images and also mention the category for the type of image you need.

IdeaOnce integrates the Unsplash and Pexels image libraries and provides you with millions of stock photos available within the IdeaOnce editor. In this way, a lot of your precious time gets saved.


You just have to just put the category name in the search bar and you will fetch many different related illustrations which can be edited in IdeaOnce’s editor.

The illustrations from ManyPixels, Pixabay, Icons8, and Undraw are integrated into IdeaOnce’s Editor.

Design Export

The image exporting features are quite good but can be improved. IdeaOnce offers the following import formats as of now:

  • JPG

  • PNG

  • SVG

  • Webp

  • PDF

  • Transparent images

The interesting feature is that you can download images and PDF as per the quality you require, where the quality scale ranges from 1x to 5x. This is something rare that is not available in other similar tools. Also, the PDF feature is unique which is not available elsewhere in similar design tools.


For the text, IdeaOnce has many different font styles available. You can also upload the custom font in IdeaOnce and use it in your designs.

You can choose the font size and font color as per your requirement. The interesting fact here is that you can have different colors of the font in the same text box, and this feature is available only in few design tools till now.

IdeaOnce also has the Live Font feature, where the font can be viewed just by hovering your mouse pointer over the font. Just check the font by hovering and click on which you want to apply. It is so simple. IdeaOnce has more than 100 text templates in the gallery.


IdeaOnce has many different categories of elements where you can find a variety of elements like lines, arrows, shapes, dialogue boxes, alphabets, numbers, etc.

It also integrates the Icons8, Many Pixels, Undraw, and Pixabay library, which has a huge collection of elements.

However, in near future, there is a plan to add more cool elements to enhance your designs.


IdeaOnce has integrated the icon libraries of Popular, icons8, and Iconfinder inside the editor. With this, you have access to a huge library of icons to support your design.


If you work for different social media platforms, by now you already know that how convenient can be the “RESIZE” feature. It saves a lot of your time and effort. Because most of the time the same single design post has to be shared in different platforms but since every platform has its own format, resizing needs to be done.

You can also add custom dimensions to your designs.

And all this is FREE OF COST. No additional charges for resizing.

Remove Background

Another super useful feature of IdeaOnce is “REMOVE BACKGROUND”. You don’t have to rely on some external tools or software to remove the background from the images and illustrations you are using in your designs.

You can use it inside the editor without even charging any extra cost.


IdeaOnce also supports you to apply any image background in your designs. It has a cool set of image backgrounds available which has really nice colors and gradients.


Palette is the combination of different preset colors which you can directly use in your designs. You can choose from the different palettes which color combination best suits your design.


With branding features, you can save your brand’s fonts, colors, logo, and logo position for a unified look across all your designs.

You can have different numbers of brandings, there is no restriction to the number of brands you can create.

Branding is such a useful feature as it is very crucial to main a consistent look and feels while working for a particular brand.

Color picker

The idea behind the color picker is to help designers to pick the color from the object present on their design canvas without manually copying the color code.

Just Drag the tool over the object present in your design canvas and it will produce the exact color code. And with a blink of an eye, you get the exact same color.

Split images into grids

IdeaOnce is the only design tool that lets you split a picture into different pieces.

The pictures can be split horizontally, vertically, or both. Grids of different sizes can be chosen as per the requirement along with the output format of your choice (e.g. jpeg, or png)

This feature is mainly used in Instagram for some dramatic and aesthetic kinds of designs which gives a nice look to your Instagram profile.

Multiple pages

Ideaonce allows you to create multiple pages/carousels within one design. You can make a LinkedIn post, an Instagram post, a Twitter post (both profile and timeline), and also an informative Infographics in one design. With this, the sharing of content with more than one page becomes super easy.

Workspace management

IdeaOnce is a collaborative software environment that allows you to easily switch between workspaces with different content.

Each workspace can be designed for a specific purpose and can contain its own assets, designs, and team members.

Image Mask / Frame

Using this feature, you can add photo frame effects to your designs. Just select any image from the photo gallery and add a frame or mask of your choice from the editor toolbar.

Your design will look more attractive with this feature.

All the frames in IdeaOnce are FREE.


Well, this is one of the most unique and fresh features in IdeaOnce which you will not find elsewhere. Quotes are the most widely used content across social media platforms, and if you get it within the editor, this is a kind of win-win situation. From funny to wise, motivational to inspiring, sarcastic to thought-provoking, this huge collection of famous quotes is what you need.

This saves a lot of your time which otherwise would have been spent on searching for related quotes from the internet.

Image filters

Using image filters you can transform your design into a piece of art.

You can use grayscale filters, retro, pop filters, etc.

There are many built-in filters and effects to create unique designs.

Design layers

The Layers panel displays each layer, layer group, and layer effect in the image. You can use the layers panel to change the visibility of objects, lock transformations on selected layers, or show or hide objects.



IdeaOnce is a newly launched design tool and in a very short span of time, it is doing really well and constantly improving.

It has so many new features which are still in progress and once they are launched, this would be revolutionary.

To conclude, some of the salient features of IdeaOnce are :

  • It is easy to use.

  • It is free of cost.

  • It has one of the best collections of icons and elements.

  • It has an integrated library from External websites for images and illustrations.

  • The “Quote” feature is something new and unique.

  • The “Split image “feature is also something that other similar platforms do not have.

IdeaOnce is an ideal choice for all your design needs. Because of its integrated image and illustration libraries from Pexels, Unsplash, Popular, ManyPixels, Undraw, etc, you don’t have to waste your time in searching and downloading images, illustrations, icons, and elements, from external sources.

This not only saves a lot of time but also saves you so much effort. Embedded quotes make your work even easier. What else do you need?

Try now at:


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