It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom. – Aristotle

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Being an early bird is such a powerful tool that we all have access to but only a few among us can use this opportunity efficiently and this keeps them a little ahead in the competition.

Studies have shown that most of the successful people around the world have one thing in common that they all are early risers and start their day before the sunrise when the rest of the world is sleeping.

There are numerous benefits of being an early bird and this affects our everyday productivity to a greater extent.

In this blog, I'll be sharing some of the awesome benefits which I feel that every early riser can relate to, and this for sure helps a person to become a better version of himself.

1. Helps to develop self-discipline

At least once in our lifetime, each one of us would have given a thought to rise early in the morning, but how many of us truly can implement this?

Getting up early every day requires consistency, self-discipline, and strong will power. However, gradual progress builds incredible discipline over time. It will eventually make you a more disciplined and mentally strong person.

If you haven't tried rising early, do give it a try and I bet you will never regret it.

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2. More productive and energetic

The time just before dawn contains the most energy of all hours of the day. This has helped me become an early riser and an early doer. – Terri Guillemets

You might have heard from your elders saying that you should wake up early and do your studies and brain-related tasks in the morning, and there is a fact behind their theory. Our brain is more alert in the morning, providing a mental boost of increased focus and concentration. 

When the rest of the world still sleeps, an early riser is already thriving.

Believe it or not, getting up early can provide you with more energy throughout the day. Being more energetic can also boost your mood and make you feel more happy and cheerful throughout the day.

The morning time is a distraction-free time, which creates space to fully use your morning energy and without obstacles, you can focus more efficiently on your goals.

The morning silence is a special part of the day. While dreamers keep dreaming about their ideal lifestyle, successful and productive people wake up earlier to make their dreams become reality.

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3. More satisfaction

Well, this one is my personal favorite.

Getting up early gives you ample time to divide your daily activities and devoting time as per the requirement of the task. Starting with more demanding tasks in the morning and once this is done, the other tasks will flow easily. Already done with your priority tasks, you will find sufficient time for other light activities and self-growth.

By the afternoon, you will find most of the work of your day is already done and this sense of satisfaction boosts your motivation to thrive the next day and your next day eventually becomes more exciting and fulfilling.

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4. More me time and family time

With more hours in your hand, you can save time for yourself, for your passion, for your hobbies, and self-growth. Like you can give time to reading, writing, meditating, self-grooming, etc. With more time for yourself, you will feel more confident and a confident person further becomes a successful person.

Along with making more time for yourself, you can make more time for your family and friends. The more tasks you complete earlier in the day, the more time you can spend bonding with family and friends. 

You would have noticed that most of the elderly people and also most of the infants have the habit of getting early in the morning, and If you too are an early bird, you will find more time spending with them. The time spent with elderly people of your family or babies in your family is the most special time to be cherished life long.

We often regret not spending much time with our family, but being an early riser you can come out of your guilt and give a good time to your loved ones.

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5. More time for your workout and good sleep

The importance of workout in our lives cannot be denied. But we often complain of not having enough time for this.

Getting up early and giving time to your physical activities can be beneficial to both your physical and mental health. Starting your day with sweat can help you burn more fat, lower your blood pressure, and help you sleep better at night. Also, in the morning you will have fewer excuses to cancel or procrastinate, compared to an evening workout where errands might pop up quite often.

Early risers become naturally tired when it’s bedtime and ultimately provide you with a deeper and higher-quality of sleep during the night. People who rise early sleep more peacefully and soundly during the night.

Give it a try if you face problem in sleeping.

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6. More Mindful About Food Choices

With more time available in the morning for preparing meals, you can make a healthier breakfast and be able to actually digest it. You have ample time to think about the food which plays a very crucial role in our lives. We all should be mindful about what we intake and in hurry should not put anything which is readily available.

Unlike late risers who rush and grab whatever available to them without even realizing the nutritional value of what they are eating. Waking up early morning, you will be able to make healthier food choices which is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle.

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7. More Confident and Stress-Free

Enough sleep and waking up early can impact your daily routine to a greater extent.

You can finish your daily important chores like shower, laundry, grooming, etc, within time and can get some extra time for beauty regimes as well. This will not only make you more attractive but will also make you a more confident person. A confident person keeps a positive attitude towards life and will always try to move in the right direction.

This will make you stress-free and more relaxed.

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Some Tips

Now, all the above-mentioned advantages are enough to make you leave your bed before the sun rises but still many people find it hard to rise up early in the morning.

It's not that hard though. So some of the tips which makes this process a little less struggle.

1. Start stepwise

A good strategy to start with is to wake up a few minutes earlier every day until you achieve the desired result. Try to achieve your goal gradually, not immediately.

2. Take a good night sleep

Sleep enough so you are actually well-rested and not tired. A well-rested person will wake up more energetically in the morning. Else if you have not taken proper sleep throughout the night, you will end up getting up tired in the morning, and eventually, your mood and productivity will suffer.

3. Be more imaginative of the benefits of being a morning person

Try to form a picture, what getting early in the morning can fetch you. Imagine all the scenarios and goals in your mind which you can achieve by getting up early. This will help you to push yourself to be an early riser

And if you still feel zero motivated and feel difficulty being a morning person, come here again to read about these amazing benefits of becoming an early bird. This will surely boost your willpower to become a morning person.

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early riser - how to become a morning person - Renu Rawat - good morning have a nice day - 7 AMAZING BENEFITS OF BEING A MORNING PERSON | BENEFITS OF BEING A MORNING PERSON | 7 Incredible Benefits Only Morning Person Would Experience Benefits of being a morning person 7 Incredible Benefits Only Morning Person Would Experience
Early Riser - 7 Amazing Benefits

Thank you, wonderful people.

Sending good and healthy vibes your way!

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7 Incredible Benefits Only Morning Person Would Experience

Benefits of being a morning person

7 Incredible Benefits Only Morning Person Would Experience

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