Parenting is a huge responsibility. It is somewhat easier to become parents but it is tough to become good or perfect parents. Parenting/Nurturing is one of the most challenging roles.

Parenting is a lot about love, emotions, care, sacrifices, and less me- time. But before all these things, it's about building a character, setting examples, positiveness, and making your children self-sufficient and an independent human being who is in charge of himself and not dependent on any other person, not even you.

Living in a typical Indian society and closely observing the parents around me, I feel that there are certain things that Indian parents are actually doing wrong. Whatever their intention is, but the end results are not good for their kids and also for themselves.

1. Overcaring and over-protective

It is natural to go through the ocean of emotions after being a parent, but instead of just flowing, sometimes we need to control these emotions.

Love, care, and protection are important for children, but not to the extent that these throttle individuality and skills of self-reliance and a sense of responsibility. Extra love and extra care are actually hindering their positive development.

Providing resources and fulfilling the needs of your child till he crosses his teenage is okay but at the same time, we should teach our child that parents are just his nurturer and they will guide them whenever needed but they are not responsible for all his needs and deeds.